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Welcome to the Starfleet Shipyards, a little corner of the Alpha Quadrant where I review Star Trek starship models. I will generally be focusing on the Eaglemoss series of starships, of which there are plenty to keep me occupied. Yet from time to time there will be other models that I will review.

What’s the deal?

Every week I’ll be reviewing a Star Trek starship model from the current series produced by Eaglemoss Collections, or perhaps some others. The current schedule will allow for two reviews a week, until such time I won’t have any ships to review. Needless to say this could  take a while, but it will be worth it.

Since we can expect about 130 different models in the series, from the popular Enterprises to the obscure ships making a brief appearance on screen, it’s going to be quite an endeavor. Each review will discuss the particular model ship, as well as the magazine that accompanies it. I will give my thoughts on the build quality as well as the appearance of each model.

The Eaglemoss Collection

If you’re interested in learning more about the Eaglemoss collection, you can head on over to their website at Eaglemoss Collections. Or you can visit Memory-Alpha’s Eaglemoss section. They have an extensive look at the various ships, many of which have not yet been reviewed here.

Open Hailing Frequencies

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