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Starfleet Academy Flight Training Craft

Magazine #: 97
Release Date: 2017
Length: 139.954mm
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collection

The Starfleet Academy Flight Training Craft were types of spacecraft flown by Starfleet Academy cadets and it’s the 97th release in the Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection. The Flight Training Craft gained notoriety in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The First Duty”, where Cadet Wesley Crusher and his fellow Nova Squadron pilots were put on trial for the death of a fellow cadet as they attempted a banned maneuver known as the Kolvoord Starburst maneuver near Titan. One man ships, the Flight Training Crafts are agile crafts capable of great speeds within solar systems. The craft were equipped with landing struts, proximity alarms, and emergency transporters.

Starfleet Academy Flight Training Craft, Initial Impressions

My initial impression was actually quite positive. The ship looks great for a rather simple model. It’s easy to overlook some things on the ship, for instance on the rear of the ship we have translucent blue and red pieces to represent the nacelles and impulse engines. It’s easy to overlook them, but when you do notice them it adds a little something to the quality of the build. The Flight Training Craft looks like something that could be produced by todays aircraft manufacturers. It’s easy to miss the warp nacelles as they are neatly tucked into the sides of the main body. There’s a lot of aztecing on the ship as well giving a basic shape a little something extra to look at. The paint job is unique for a Federation ship as well, it’s a bit of a two-tone beige and grey.

My only complaint is that some of the stickers were misapplied to the model. There are a number of tiny writings along the ship and as you can see in the pictures below someone put the writing on the window of the ship whereas it’s supposed to go on the nose of the ship. The other stickers, the small writing, the Starfleet Academy Nova Squad logo and and Federation writing all seem to be applied correctly. The bottom of the ship has a rather large Starfleet pennant going down the center, giving the bottom of the ship something to look at.

As usual, each model also comes with a stand to display the ship, the base of the stand was solid and sturdy, and the piece that attaches to the base and holds the ship seemed to hold it well will little wiggle room. This is a welcomed change compared to other stands within the collection that do a poor job of holding the ship in place. For the Flight Training Craft the stand is inserted into the rear of the ship and fits very snug and holds it in place nicely.

The Magazine

As with each collection piece, a numbered collectors magazine is also included. The Academy Flight Training Craft is issue 97 of the series and as with the prior magazines there is a lot of detail that goes into the magazine went into regarding the Training Craft. The issue gives a detailed profile of the ship with images from the television series as well as discussing the concept design of the ship and interviews with those that worked on the design and construction of the ship. It also had a section that discussed the episode in which the Training Craft made its appearance and Wesley’s time at the Academy. There’s an article regarding “Wil Wheaton on Wesley Crushe” where Wheaton gives his options on the character. As usual, it’s a nice addition to have in the collection.

Overall Impressions

Overall, the Academy Flight Training Craft is a nice ship, it’s got clean lines, is put together well and is an accurate representation of what we saw on screen. It’s clear that Eaglemoss went to great lengths to get all of the little details of the ship right. My only complain was some of the sticker work seemed a little off. The Training Craft feels great, with a nice little heft to the weight, and the quality of the ship itself and the detail that went into producing the accompanying magazine makes this well worth the purchase. The Academy Flight Training Craft is a worthy addition to the series.

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