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Borg Sphere

Name: Borg Sphere
Magazine #: 10
Release Date: 2014
Length: 139.954mm
Material: Die-Cast Metal & ABS Plastic
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections

The Borg have become a fan favorite among the various races within the Star Trek universe and the Borg Sphere is the first Borg release in the Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection. The Borg Sphere first appeared during Star Trek: First Contact  with a brief on screen appearance, it later went on to appear on network television as well.

Borg Sphere, Initial Impressions

My initial impression was that it’s round… Yes I know it’s a sphere, but there’s not a whole lot going on here. The outer details on the ship looks great and it’s quite outstanding, all the little nooks and crannies. But it’s just round and to be blunt, kind of boring. There has been a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the outer hull of the ship, but other than that it’s just a ball. The top and bottom have a green opening with both ends having a hole for mounting, but you can’t really tell if there is a top or bottom because it’s a ball. Did I mention that it’s just a ball? Credit to Eaglemoss, they did they best they could with the ship, the paint job is done well, so there is that.

Each model also comes with a stand to display the ship, the base of the stand was solid and sturdy, and the stand that attaches to the base and holds the ship seemed to snap in nicely and hold the ship in position with no wiggle room. This is a welcomed change compared to a couple of other stands that felt a little underwhelming. The stand is inserted into the bottom of the sphere, or top if you can tell the difference.

The Magazine

As with each collection piece, a numbered collectors magazine is also included. The is issue 10 of the series and as with the prior magazines I was impressed with the detail the magazine went into regarding the Sphere. The issue gives a detailed profile of the ship with images from the First Contact movie. The issue also discusses the concept design of the ships as well as interviews with those that worked on the design and construction of the ship for the various productions. It also has a section that discusses the Borg Queen, what went into her design, how they approached filming it and her subsequent appearances on the Voyager television series. All in all, it’s an interesting addition to the ship itself.

Overall Impressions

Overall, the Borg Sphere is my least favorite model to date. There’s nothing wrong with the details not he ship, it’s got a nice heft weight to it and the stand fits in nicely. It’s just that it’s a rather dull design and doesn’t elicit any emotion from me. It’s clear that Eaglemoss went to great lengths to get all of the details of the ship right, it’s just that it does nothing for me. It’s a shame, but for me this is probably the worst ship in my collection. Actually, let me rephrase that, it’s the most disappointing. Construction wise there’s nothing wrong with it.

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