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Deep Space 9

Name: Deep Space Nine
Magazine #: Special 1
Release Date: 2014
Width: 152.4mm
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections

Deep Space 9 isn’t a star ship, yet it’s the first special edition piece to come from the Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection. The space station made its debut on the pilot episode of the appropriately names Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1993. I should probably be up front and say that DS9 was my favorite Trek series, and still is. I should also be upfront and admit that I always loved the look of Deep Space 9, for me it was the best looking space station to ever appear on any Star Trek series. So just how well did I enjoy this special edition piece from Eaglemoss? Well, let’s take a look.

Deep Space 9, Initial Impressions

As soon as I opened the box I became enamored with the model. The station looks outstanding and the detail on it is near perfect. The model is about 6 inches across and 4 inches tall, which makes it a bit larger than the other ship models in the series. Given its circular design it’s a great deal wider and gives it a look of being larger than other models released so far.

Most of the station is made from a single die-cast piece, making it weighty and giving it a very solid feeling. The docking pylons, docking ports on the outer rim, weapons and most of the central core are made of the ABS plastic, but they all feel extremely solid and blend in flawlessly to the ret of the model. I was impressed with how well the colors blended between the metal and plastic parts, giving it a seamless look and feel. There are several other painted finishes, with the numerous windows as well as the inset detailed areas around the station, giving a nice sense of scale. I was quite impressed with the detailing Eaglemoss went to in order to get everything right.

Up to this point all of the previous models have come with a base and stand to display the ships on, but Deep Space 9 doesn’t have one. While it doesn’t bother me much, it would have been nice to have a stand to display the station on, just to give it the look of floating in space. Instead the model just rests on the three lower pylons, which all have a flat surface on the bottom. It’s a minor gripe, but I just thing a stand could have really made the model stand out even more!

What Makes Deep Space 9 So Great?

Deep Space 9 isn’t a Federation station, technically it’s a Bajoran station with Starfleet personnel brought in to run it, but it’s not Federation in design. It was designed and built by the Cardassians during their occupation of Bajor for use as a station and ore processing facility. Originally known as Terok Nor, the Cardassians used this design for other stations, as we saw in the Deep Space Nine episode “Empok Nor”. It served as a base for the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole and was a hub of trade and travel for the sector’s inhabitants. So why is it so great?

Well, the design of station is nothing like the sanitized, shiny stations we see used as other Starfleet bases. This one is darker, has a menacing look to it both on the outside, and in the inside as seen in episodes of the show. It looks like it has a purposed, and one that isn’t based on exploration and the betterment of mankind. It looks like a station that can be ready for war in a moments notice. It’s a refreshing change from other Starfleet space stations.

The Magazine

As with each collection piece, a collectors magazine is also included. There is no issue number for this magazine since it’s a special edition release. As with the prior magazines I was impressed with the detail the magazine went into regarding Deep Space 9. It starts with the usual historical overview, from its role as Terok Nor, to a Federation station, and its use during the Dominion War. A great deal is also given to showing the interior of the station, with images taken from the television series. It even features set designs used in the series, something you don’t see in the other ship magazines. The issue also discusses the concept design of the station as well as interviews with those that worked on the design and construction of the ship for the various productions. It also has a section that discusses the filming of the ship for the television series. All in all, it’s an interesting addition to the ship itself.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I really love the model. It’s clear that Eaglemoss went to great lengths to get all of the little details of the station right. It looks and feels great, with a nice little heft to the weight, and the quality of the station itself and the detail that went into producing the accompanying magazine makes this well worth the purchase. To say that I’m impressed would be an understatement. As a fan of the series, this is one piece that I can safely say is a worthy addition to the series.

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