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USS Aventine

Name: USS Aventine
Class: Vesta
Registry: NCC-82602
Magazine #: Special 16
Release Date: 2017
Length: 139.7mm
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collection

The USS Aventine is the second ship to come to life from the pages of the Star Trek novels and was a special release at the New York Comic Con in 2017. It takes its place amounts the other ships within the Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection. The Aventine, much like the USS Titan, comes to fans after a fan petition propelled Eaglemoss to adding the ship to the line as a Special edition.

Created by author David Mack for his 2008 novel, Gods of Night, the Aventine fell under the command of Captain Ezri Dax in 2381 and is the first Federation ship to include slipstream warp technology, making it one of the fastest ships in the current Federation fleet. Working off of Mack’s description of the ship, illustrator Mark Rademaker designed the look of the Vesta-class line of ships, which are named after a Roman goddess and individual ships sharing the names of the seven hills of Rome. Having never seen the ship on screen, how does the model compare to what we’ve seen from novel covers? Let’s take a look.

USS Aventine, Initial Impressions

My initial impression was a mixture of pleasure and disappointment. For a ship from the Special line it naturally costs more, but the size came in a bit smaller than other ships from the regular lineup. To be fair the ship is slim and a bit reminiscent of the Enterprise-E model, but it could benefit from being a little larger. Despite my gripe with the small size, I’m quite please with how the ship looks, or at least 95% of it. The primary and secondary hull of the ship are as good as any other offerings from Eaglemoss and it still manages to squeeze in a lot of detail onto its hull. From the Starfleet lettering to the various escape pods, sensors and thrusters. The bussard collectors are the only translucent plastic on this ship sadly since the main deflector dish is simply painted on. This is perhaps the biggest disappointment, the deflector dish. It looks as if it’s an afterthought and it brings down the overall quality of the ship. Had Eaglemoss put better effort into the deflector, this ship could have been a home run, but instead we’re looking at a stand up triple. It’s my biggest gripe, and one that unfortunately can’t be overlooked.

Each model also comes with a stand to display the ship, like most other models the base and the stand was solid and sturdy, and the piece that attaches to the base and holds the ship seemed to hold it well will little wiggle room. The stand is inserted into the rear of the ship, near the warp pylons, and fits very snug and holds it in place.

The Magazine

As with each collection piece, a collectors magazine is also included. I found this magazine to be one of the most impressive that Eaglmoss has produced. Having only been described in various Star Trek novels, the Aventine has no visual cues to identify with. There was a lot of information within the magazine regarding how the approach to the design was made. It was extremely informative, discussing the concept design of the ship from the illustrator and authors points of view. There was a lot of information about the ship, and having never read the novels the ship has appeared in I found it to be quite informative. All in all, it’s an interesting addition to the ship itself and one that is very welcomed.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I was quite impressed with the USS Aventine despite my disappointment with the deflector dish. It’s clear that Eaglemoss went to great lengths to get all of the little details of the ship right based off of the 3D models that were made for it. While the ship my be a little small, it looks and feels great, and the quality of the ship itself and the detail that went into producing the accompanying magazine makes this well worth the purchase.

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