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USS Equinox

Name: USS Equinox
Class: Equinox
Registry: NCC-72381
Magazine #: 15
Release Date: 2014
Length: 139.954mm
Material: Die-cast Metal & ABS Plastic
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections

The USS Equinox made its first appearance on a two-part Star Trek: Voyager episode back in 1999. The ship, stranded in the Delta Quadrant and suffering heavy damage made contact with the U.S.S. Voyager and had a thrilling conclusion. The ship is next up in my review of the the Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection.

USS Equinox, Initial Impressions

My initial impression was actually quite positive. The ship looks great and the detail on it is outstanding. There is a lot of detail here that I appreciate, from the escape pods to the windows. The Equinox follows the usual Starfleet design, but this one has an angular “saucer” section that stands out. The warp nacelle grills have the usual transparent blue plastic, plus each nacelle has a pair of fins on the top, which you can see in the pictures. A nice touch is the outline of a shuttle craft on the underside of the main hull, with the ship’s registration also printed on it. There were a couple of minor blemishes to the ship though, as you can see in the pictures many of the escape pods don’t have the numbers applied properly, many are not centered. Other than that minor complaint, there was nothing wrong with the ship. I actually enjoyed the details, painting and look of the ship immensely.

Each model also comes with a stand to display the ship, the base of the stand was solid and sturdy, but the stand?? Well it was missing! I had no stand to display the ship with. For this review I used the Galor Class stand to display the ship for the photographs. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best stand, but it was good enough for the pictures. I reached out to Eaglemoss about it, but have yet to hear back from them. Its a shame, not only because the stand didn’t come with the model, but I’m unable to display one of the best looking models that they’ve released so far.

The Magazine

As with each collection piece, a numbered collectors magazine is also included. The is issue 15 of the series and as with the prior magazines I was impressed with the detail the magazine went into regarding the U.S.S. Equinox. The issue gives a detailed profile of the ship with images from the Voyager series. The issue also discusses the concept design of the ships as well as interviews with those that worked on the design and construction of the ship for the various productions. One interesting tidbit revealed was that the U.S.S. Equinox was based on a prototype Defiant, before the enclosed nacelle design was chosen. The magazine also has the usual section that discusses the filming of the ship and the approach that was taken to highlight the ship for television. All in all, it’s another interesting addition to the ship itself.

Overall Impressions

Overall, this is a mixed bag for me. I loved the ship, the way it looks, the details, etc and yet I’m disappointed that I don’t have a proper stand to display it on. It’s unfortunate that we can’t purchase extra stands and so far the customer support from Eaglemoss has been lacking to say the least. Now, having made my gripes known throughout this review let me just reiterate, the ship itself is top notch. There are a few small inconsistencies, but it’s not enough to deter me from enjoying this ship. It’s clear that Eaglemoss went to great lengths to get all of the little details of the ship right. It looks and feels great, with a nice little heft to the weight, and the quality of the ship itself and the detail that went into producing the accompanying magazine makes this well worth the purchase. The USS Equinox is a worthy addition to the series.

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